Benjamin H. Freedman speech (UNEDITED VERSION!) 1961

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these are podcasts from Pastor Eli James & David James

WW1/WW2 Real History

OO 170114 How the Edomites Orchestrated WWI With David James


OO 170121 Versailles Treaty History’s Most Terrifying Peace


OO 170128 Who Started WWII With David James



OO 170204 Churchill Started WWII With David James



OO 170211 Dresden Holocaust With David James


OO 170218 International Bankers and the Weimar Republic


OO 170225 Edomite Question in Weimar Germany



OO 170304 Undoing the Evils of the Versallies Treaty With David James



OO 170311 Edomite Assault on Germany


OO 170318 Analysis of Versailles Treaty Pt1


OO 170325 Germany Gets Justice With Mike Walsh

OO 170401 Germany Gets Justice Pt2 With Mike Walsh

OO 170408 History Repeats And Dunkirk With Mike Walsh